About Claret Café
In Cafe Claret you will feel the atmosphere of a gastronomic journey, which is created by the extensive and colorful menu of the restaurant. It brought together gastronomic traditions from different parts of the world, the author's view of brand chef Alexander Bogdanov, modern technologies and a bet on local products.
The brand chef
The brand chef of Claret Café is Alexander Bogdanov. Creating new dishes for him is a favorite part of work, creativity, inspiration and real art.
He reinterprets traditional and beloved recipes from all over the world, creating an amazingly colorful menu where every guest will find something to their taste.
The author's touches are easy to notice in every dish of Alexander.
The menu at Claret Café is always updated, so don't be surprised if we have something new on your next visit.
Brand sommelier
Another important direction of our institution is wine. The sommelier of the restaurant is Roman Manzhukov. He is a sommelier with extensive experience, who will easily and naturally advise you on the perfect wine for any dish, tell you about wine-making traditions, features of varieties and many other nuances of creating this grape drink. Our wine list is very extensive: it includes white, red, orange, sparkling and dessert wines of the New and Old World. The wine list focuses on classic wines, natural wines, recoltans and noble champagne wines.