Memories of: gastronomic stories from the chef
Each of us has favorite childhood experiences. They give happy memories and stay with us for the whole life. Alexander Bogdanov, the brand chef of Cafe Claret, has such memories, he created the author's set, inspired by the most incredible gastronomic impressions of his childhood and youth. Fifteen years of life and seven memories were embodied in a set of seven changes. 

Alexander grew up in a military family, spent his childhood in numerous moves, and early began to travel on his own. Numerous trips gave him a variety of gastronomic experiences, which the chef is interested in sharing and inspiring even today.

“My set tells the guest about the tastes that accompanied me throughout my childhood,” Alexander Bogdanov comments on the work on the new set. “Each dish is a certain taste that takes me back to my childhood and reminds me of a specific place I have visited.”

The cost of the set is 3,300 rubles.

Dinners with Yunis Teymurkhanly at the Helvetia Hotel
Every Thursday at 19.00 Yunis Teymurkhanly gathers at the table in Cafe Claret hotel friends and like-minded people, as well as those who want to join this circle and spend the evening exciting and tasteful.

Guests of the evening who live at the hotel or already know Eunice personally will be able to communicate again with the owner and spend the evening sincerely. And guests who are not yet familiar with the hotel will have the opportunity to get to know Yunis in person. During a friendly conversation, Yunis will be happy to share his unique experience in St. Petersburg in building a successful private non-chain hotel business. In addition to a fascinating conversation, guests will be able to see Helvetia from the inside, get acquainted with the business and work of Yunis and receive a book with an autograph from the author as a gift.

Also, the restaurant's brand chef Alexander Bogdanov will personally present his author's Classic set of seven courses to the guests, and the hotel's sommelier Roman Manzhukov will offer wine accompaniment.

The cost of participation in the dinner, which includes a set of 7 courses, is 3500 rubles.

Breakfasts at Cafe Claret
Breakfasts at Cafe Claret are almost two dozen items and an appetizing mix of gastronomic traditions of Russia, Asia, Europe and the Middle East: croc madam and buckwheat with parmesan espuma, zucchini pancakes with cold smoked salmon and hazelnut financier with miso caramel and halva ice cream.

Airy omelet with freshly baked ciabatta and fresh lettuce - 590 rubles.
Fried eggs from three eggs with freshly baked ciabatta and fresh lettuce - 390 rubles.
Israeli shakshuka - 550 rubles
Egg Benedict on corn brioche with smoked river trout, bearnaise sauce and onion sets - 650 rubles
Mother's omelet Pulyar with mushrooms and parmesan cream - 870 rubles
Croque madam - 450 rubles.

Not eggs:
Zucchini pancakes with cold smoked salmon - 950 rubles
Lazy dumplings with herbs and smoked cottage cheese - 470 rubles
Avocado toast - 630 rubles

For sweets:
Croissant with honey and whipped butter - 390 rubles
Cottage cheese pancakes made from homemade crumbly cottage cheese with whipped yogurt and jam from seasonal berries - 530 rubles.

Breakfast is served daily from 12:00 to 23:00.

Lenten menu by Cafe Claret
During Lent, from March 7 to April 23, brand chef Alexander Bogdanov prepares dishes from root crops and berries and seasons them with fragrant sauces. During the 49 days of fasting, the restaurant menu will be updated several times.

In the post restaurant Cafe Claret offers five special positions.
On the menu:
- beetroot, zucchini and cauliflower slices with modena-based sauce - 490 rubles.
- mushroom soup with lean bread - 670 rubles.
- cabbage steak with truffle - 350 rubles.
- cabbage rolls from Savoy cabbage with root crops - 850 rubles.
- berry with cream of dates - 490 rubles.

Lenten menu is available to order every day from 12:00 to 23:00.
Live music at Claret
Every week from Wednesday to Saturday in Claret from 19:00 to 22:00. 
Every week there is an evening of live music, where zitnitzameleled cityibimid vytodibimid vyki Come enjoy a delicious dinner, a perfect wine specially selected for you by our sommelier, and a great pleasant accompaniment in the form live performance by professional musicians.

We recommend booking tables in advance by calling +7 812 710-65-46